Top 5 things that CAN’T go in the Yellow Bin

Smart Waste for Smart Councils?
October 15, 2019

Establishing a “Yes” and “No” list helps to ensure more of our household waste is recycled, and it’s important, because placing the wrong items in your yellow recycling bin has the potential to contaminate a whole truckload (or even more) of items that could have otherwise been recycled.

Here are the top five things to avoid placing in your kerbside recycling bin:

  1. Items in Bags
    Place items in your yellow bin loose – the sorting machines can’t do their job otherwise.
  2. Nappies
    One of the biggest contaminants in WA’s household recycling bins. Always place nappies in the general waste (red) bin. Only the cardboard box they come in can be recycled.
  3. Items with Stuff still in them
    Empty and clean‘ is the mantra when it comes to good recycling. Wash out remnants of food or soaps before you put the empty container in the recycling.
  4. Plastic lids
    Sounds counter intuitive, but those small plastic lids and bottle tops can wreak havoc with sorting machines. Larger lids yoghurt pots can still go in the yellow bin.
  5. Soft plastics
    Anything that is scrunchable – food packaging, plastic wrap and bags – are recyclable, but not via your kerbside yellow top bin. Collect these up and drop them off at your local supermarket in the specially marked collection bins.

Here’s a quick summary video …


BinSense provides a simple autonomous patented method for detecting contamination in recycling bins which enables the prevention of contaminated waste transferring from the residential bin to the collection truck. This ensures the collection truck remains bellow the required levels for recycling waste to be exported or recycled locally.

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