Ever walked past a smelly bin at the park or the beach?

With the introduction of the BinSense smart bin sensor, we could soon see the end of the smelly public bin.

At some point in time, most of us have been down at the beach on a hot summers day have had our breath taken away by the stench of a fish rotting away in a rubbish bin.

BinSense have created an innovative sensor that is able to detect smells. 

Think of it like a ‘smell-o-vision’, it can detect anything that is able to decompose and is able to detect the strength of stench coming from the waste in a bin.

It literally smells the gases emitted from bio-waste sitting in the bin. That way, it can tell you if the smell is over a certain level, whether recycling bins are contaminated or not, and a whole host of other things.

And yes, we’ve patented it. It’s our ‘secret sauce’, so to speak.

The smart bin sensor can then alert the local council of the increased smell coming from the bins contents which signals that the bin requires emptying, gone are the days of the smelly bin.


Photo by Alex .B from Pexels



BinSense has developed a world-first patent-protected sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bin, educating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

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