So we’ve been developing the technology behind the BinSense platform for the best part of 2 years now, and we know it works, because we’ve been testing it as we go along.

But, in this live field test, we had put the sensor into a BinSense team member’s yellow bin for a few days, then came back to see what it had detected.

The results can be seen in the video:

Oops – embarrassing – a bit of milk in the milk carton (it had not be rinsed) was all it took to push the contamination reading up to 611.

A normal reading would be below 50. So the sensor worked beautifully, and as you can also see, even though it was a cloudy day, the solar panel was charging up the battery and keeping it at full power.

A fantastic field test – the product and platform worked as we expected it would.

Very exciting for the team – you know it makes BinSense!

BinSense can smell contamination in recycling bins, thereby reducing erroneous collection of contaminated materials, and ensuring more clean recycling is recycled and less goes to landfill.

BinSense is an Australia-made patented product and technology – if you want to know more, or trial the system, please contact us.



BinSense has developed a world-first patent-protected sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bin, educating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

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