Where does your recycling go, once you put it neatly in your recycling bin and push it out to the kerbside?

Well, in metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia, an extensive survey of landfill materials has found more than half is otherwise recyclable.

So material that could be recycled is just ending up in landfill, costing the councils, the environment and ultimately the ratepayers millions.

The East Waste Household Bin Audit is the most in-depth household bin study undertaken in South Australia.

The Inside Waste website reported that researchers sifted and sorted through 29 tonnes of material from 2,100 bins.

“If all organics going to landfill were diverted into the green bin, it would save $2.7 million a year across the seven councils.”

“Just 13% of all food organics is correctly binned; the lowest efficiency for any recyclable material.”

Fraser Bell, chair, eastern waste management authority
Fraser Bell. Photo - LinkedIn.
Fraser Bell. Photo – LinkedIn.

The audit also found that more than 27% of the contents of a general waste bin for landfill is food waste that can and should be composted. Fruit and vegetables constitute about half of all food waste thrown out, 75% of which is edible.

“These findings are concerning and show that consumer education is needed in a range of food areas such as the difference between ‘best-before’ and ‘use-by’ dates and biodegradable versus compostable packaging,” Bell added.

It makes BinSense!

BinSense has developed a world first sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bineducating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

We have an international patent on this technology, and we’re currently trialling this with various local councils in Australia, and have interest from overseas.

Contact Naren @ BinSense for more information…


For more on what Inside Waste does, visit their website.



BinSense has developed a world-first patent-protected sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bin, educating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

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