Australians want to do the right thing, but they still are unclear about what should go in a recycling bin, and what shouldn’t.

This conclusion is evident from the latest research conducted by ASX-listed (‘CWY’) waste management company Cleanaway.

Their ‘Recycling Behaviours Report‘, published last week, found 89% of Australians believe recycling “is important”, and 74% say they are “good at it”, but sadly only 25% know how to separate waste from recycling correctly.

Almost 50% put soft plastics in kerbside recycling bins (wrong!), so clearly extra education is required.

“We’re really encouraged by the support that recycling has in the community, and the public’s intention to do the right thing, but unfortunately, we’re losing a lot of valuable resource to landfill because people are unclear about what can go in the recycling bin,” said Cleanaway NSW Sustainability Manager, Rebecca Evered.

To try to counter the issue, Cleanway has developed ‘Greenius’ – a free, easy-to-use online learning platform designed to simplify recycling for all households.

“We know that most Aussies (57%) rely on the internet for recycling advice, but they’re often met with conflicting, outdated information. Greenius is designed to give consumers simple and consistent tips to get it right, every time,” Rebecca said.

“Up to 35% of recycling is still being lost to landfill due to contamination. We know there is a lot of “wish-cycling” going on, with people hoping that what they put in the bin can be recycled at the other end, but actually that’s part of the problem.”

Pip Kiernan, Greenius Ambassador and Clean Up Australia Chairman.

“Good recycling can be ruined when people put the wrong thing in. If every person focused on removing soft plastic, food, liquid and textiles from their recycling we’d resolve more than 50% of all current recycling contamination.” Pip said.

The secret to reducing contaminants in collected recycling lies in:

  1. Knowing which bins have correct, clean recycling in them, and
  2. Educating residents as to what can and cannot go in the recycling bins

It’s great to see Cleanaway deal with the latter. At BinSense, we believe we deal with BOTH issues…

It makes BinSense!

BinSense has developed a world first sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bineducating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

We have an international patent on this technology, and we’re currently trialling this with various local councils in Australia, and have interest from overseas.

Contact Naren @ BinSense for more information…


Read more about Greenius, on the Cleanaway website.



BinSense has developed a world-first patent-protected sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bin, educating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

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