The City of Tampa (Florida, US) conducted a survey of its recycling materials to determine the contamination levels, in late 2020.

The Florida Legislature had set a statewide weight-based recycling target of 75% by this year, but the city is not getting anywhere close.

The statewide recycling rate is currently just at 49%, according to a report from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

A Tampa survey found that 37% of what was placed in recycling bins was contaminated, the Spectrum News reported.

Rubbish amid the recycling

In other words, 37% of all items placed in recycling bins were not recyclable – such as stained pizza boxes.

The city has since embarked on a massive education campaign to try to inform the public about what can (and cannot) go in recycling.

In the meantime, some councils have even suspended their recycling until they can get on top of the issue.

Many city councils in the States are now losing money on recycling, the report concluded.

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BinSense has developed a world-first sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bineducating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

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BinSense has developed a world-first patent-protected sensor that can detect contaminants WITHIN the recycling bin, educating residents on whether they have recycled correctly, and telling the recycling truck drivers whether the bin has clean recycling or not.

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