Preventing recycling contamination at source


BinSense prevents recycling going to landfill

BinSense has spent the past few years developing the solution, working with councils, shires, cities and other organisations.

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Detects biodegradable waste that shouldn’t be in recycling bins.


Home owners get notified if their bin is contaminated.


Alerts the truck to prevent collecting contamination.

Data Driven

Enables greater efficiency through understanding data

Industry Leader

International patent for recycling contamination detection.

Ton of Features

Designed with bin owners, for bin owners.

BinSense does more than just depth sensing.

It can smell contamination

BinSense’s unique patented technology ‘smells’ biodegradable contamination in recycling bins and alerts the truck driver to avoid collecting contaminated bins. This prevents the collection truck being contaminated which prevents recycling going to landfill.

It provides efficient education

When bin contamination is detected, the home owner can be notified as well as the bin owner (shire, council, city). This helps educate residents about recycling contamination and can solve the problem at source.

Full end-to-end solution

BinSense is an expandable solution ranging from the residential bins to collection trucks, through to the sorting facility and can provide data points that enable individual asset management.

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Data from an average suburb


recycling is contaminated in the collection truck


of every 5 bins are contaminated at the home


the disposal fee when recycling is contaminated

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